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This World Tour

Things have been cooking. Who is the Chef nobody knows… How mysterious it all is, and how little we actually know. It is a wonderful state, resting in not knowing and taking care of the garden of my life. The new dishes include new songs and poems, a new 'Song Initiation Self Healing' program and [...]

The Birth of Now

For the last 5 month or so, since my father departed this world, I have been in a kind of a cocoon. mostly working at home, hardly on the social scene. It perfectly matched what Life brought to me that time, and where I was at. Now it feels like Life is luring me out, [...]

The Gift of my Aba

My father left his body over a month ago. Such a potent time. It is such an awakening experience to be near death. A fierce reminder that every moment we are is an actual gift, every breath we take is not to be taken for granted. We are here for a blink of an eye. [...]

This Launch

What an incredibly inspiring moment it is, to see in high speed, the process of one seed sprouting, growing into a young plant, then into a tree. Then comes its flowering, out of which the fruit appears, and the fruit is ripened and then launched: into the air or into the mouth of someone to [...]