For the last 5 month or so, since my father departed this world, I have been in a kind of a cocoon. mostly working at home, hardly on the social scene.
It perfectly matched what Life brought to me that time, and where I was at.

Now it feels like Life is luring me out, into the garden of the expanded circles of family and friends. the ever epanding circle of Love and Consciouness.

It started with the opening for the wonderful Yasmin Levy few weeks ago in Lismore, and it continues with my involvement with the UPLIFT festival in Byron Bay, Australia.

This amazing opportunity to share with leaders and luminaries from around the world, in an eclectic and rich program, holistic and comprehensive, is nothing less than the living example of the creative power of Love when it is communicated.

As the Mayan calendar is coming to an end, this uplifting gathering signifies the birth of Now – ness, forever New forever Present!
We’ve never been Now before. It is this Now that is the open gate for heaven on Earth.

It is up to us people. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

Come and let us join in the celebration of our infinte possibilities to actually Live Peace, and thrive in our manifestation.

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