Music is a transformational tool, It transcends time, borders, boundaries & all other differences. As ancient as creation and contemporary as right Now. Music is always Now. From the beginning of time Sound is used as an enhancer of rituals, Healing, & Presence. 

The Universe is made of frequencies and vibrations, It is made of Music. For me Music is a shaman. It reflects the inner soundscapes of Existence and heals. Music is the soundtrack of our life. Life is music.

I am inspired to infuse my life and the world I live in with the awareness of Oneness, as All is interconnected. Please join me on the musical advenetures of SatSong and Song Initiation.

I am also very grateful for the opportunity to share the different productions and my first solo album – 'ZEH' ('This') with you. 12 original songs, like beads in the rosary of what can be named 'my life'. An Israeli/Japanese/Australian production, that embraces boss nova, jazz, folk & world music, with Hebrew lyrics.