For me Music is a shaman.

The Universe is made of frequencies and vibrations – it is made of Music.

Music is the soundtrack of our life. Life is music, a transformational tool, It transcends time, borders, boundaries & all differences. As ancient as creation and contemporary as right Now.

Always Now.

From the beginning of time Sound is used as an enhancer of connectivity, Healing & Presence. The marriage of sound and intention is a wonderful contribution to evolution.

We all enjoy it. I love exploring bridging worlds and connecting to what we call Heart. We call it Love, Freedom, God, or Truth. This is the essence of my musical creations.

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I am very grateful for the opportunity to share Satsong with you. A rosary of original Heart and Circle songs, like pearls of Life's journey.



Satsong is a play of words, unifying song with Satsang– the Sanskrit term for being together in Truth. Satsong is a rosary of original songs of Love Truth and Freedom.

 The album is a fusion of folk & world music to my poetry in the English language,  co-produced with Avishai Barnatan over the past year, featuring Deva Premal, Manose and may other talents, playing many of Amir’s songs that have already been travelling the world through sacred singing circles and interfaith gatherings

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I am moved by connection, the sense of Oneness in action.

I am moved by authenticity, vulnerability and kindness. I am moved by the pulse of creation and breathing the love that we are made of.

Yam (Sea) from the album ZEH

Filmed with the whales in Byron Bay and the winter sun of the Mediterranean



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